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Identity Access Management

Improve identity, privacy, security, and productivity.

Glitra Your trusted Security Company- we have implemented Identity Management and Cyber Security solutions to safe guard Government and fortune 500 Companies from single functionality solution to large enterprise deployments. We customize our IAM services to fit your needs.
A secured and sustainable Solution.

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We can help you optimize your current systems or design and implement new solutions that scale to meet your demands.

Our Services

Identity Directory Management

The identity Directory Management service provides proactive monitoring of identity Directory and DNS services within your infrastructure. Options are available for AD audits, continuous auditing, and Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) management. We are Expert in Active Directory AD and OUD Oracle Unified Directory.


Using our DevSecOps consulting services helps ensure the security of the entire software elaboration cycle to minimize disruptions. Once the strategy is fully implemented in your organization, your teams are held accountable for adhering to safety practices. Automatic checks also are applied at every development step by integrating protection components into DevOps work.

Identity Audit & Compliance

Gain identity assurance by understanding end-to-end activities of users and the use of elevated or over-permissioned access rights. Glitra’s Security Policy Builder enables you to map your asset security to critical security frameworks and take action.

Access Governess & Management

Glitra connects to your current IAM solutions and defines identity governance controls. Create security policies, rules, and alerts to help you continuously monitor, detect, and remediate unknown or unsanctioned privileges across critical assets like your public cloud workloads and code repos.

Identity Credential Management

Organizations require user credentials to control access to sensitive data. Deploying a sound credential management system or several credential management systems is critical to secure all systems and information. The rise of privacy regulations and other security mandates increases the need for organizations to demonstrate the ability to validate the identity of online consumers and internal privileged users.

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Our key Offerings


  • Design, Architect and Build infrastructure for industry leading IDM product.

  • Strategic consulting with IDM road map for single application to enterprise.


  • Multi-platform SSO integration: Seamless single sign-on (SSO) to any application from any device

  • Standards-based identity propagation across vendors, customers, partners, and social networks

  • Enterprise SSO and Federation

  • Application On boarding and Management

  • Multi factor Authentication and SAML Integration

  • Adaptive Authentication,

  • Privileged Access Management

  • Encryption and Digital Certificate Management

  • Authorization for both user and Application.


  • User, Groups and Credential Management and Administration, Multi domain Provisioning Reconciliation

  • Design and Develop D tree and UID structure, Identity Directory Management and Administration.

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Strategic Alliances and Partnerships


Expert Identity Management Services

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IAM Implementation

Glitra has extensive experience implementing complex Identity and Access solutions for large enterprises. Organizations that partner with Glitra benefit from our experienced consultants and proven delivery methodology, reducing risk and optimizing results.

Our IDM implementation team can help you with:

  • Developing IAM Requirements and Solution Design

  • Implementing your IAM solution 

    • Integration with HRIS systems – align process, policy, and data models

    • Integration with Active Directory and Applications

    • Federation

    • Multi-factor authentication

    • Privileged Access Management

    • Role Based Access Control

    • Stakeholder alignment and buy-in

  • Testing and Production deployment


Our customers will have a strong technical foundation for their IAM solution that is robust, scalable, and delivers business value.

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Glitra is committed to incorporating the latest Security expertise and knowledge into our solutions and services.


We will engage a discovery Session and eventually provide Demo/ Proof Of Concept (POC) free of cost.

Our expert team is standing by to hear from you.

Ready to ride with us ?

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