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Data & Insights

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Empowering the Enterprises

Data, the most valuable asset of any organization and Glitra is your trusted custodian of that. We do Data Maintenance to Analysis to Decision Support - All. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence-AI, Machine Learning - ML and overall data science our deliverable contains the insights and confidence for your business.

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Our Services


Data analytics is a complex process that involves a lot of tools and practices. Glitra provides its customers with all the most popular services in this niche from consultancy to data management, mapping, quality assessment, and more over Advanced Analytics leveraging AI and ML. Define the phases: descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics towards the Insight of data.

Data Engineering

Glitra provides modern data engineering solutions that will take your business to a new level. We create a high-quality infrastructure and optimize your data flow to extract necessary insights and increase your organization's productivity and performance. Our cloud data engineers will transfer your enterprise data in the shortest time. So do not hesitate to trust all the difficult work to our professionals.

Database Management

Database management services from Glitra enable enterprises to ensure support and continuity. Overall Database Administration and Management include Database Deployment, Migration, Refresh, Patching.

SQL Development and beyond in on premises, Hybrid and Cloud

We are expert in in Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL , MySQL Databases.


With Glitra, data management is about more than just handling data. Glitra eliminates manual data management tasks and gives teams the power to control how they use their data, for any project, opportunity, or company.

Synchronize your data operation. Programmatic access lets you execute data pipelines directly from 3rd party platforms. In addition, you can use existing data models templates, or create new blueprints that match your business needs.

Data Infrastructure

We simplify the complex, capital-intensive process of data capture and consumption with our agile and competitively priced Data Infrastructure services. Glitra is expert in designing, implementing and managing data infrastructure so that it can be used with maximum efficiency across an organization.

Business Intelligence

Glitra experts provide a wide range of BI development and BI consulting services, including custom development, BI support, and maintenance, creation of self-service solutions, etc. As a result, most of our clients have optimized their operational processes and gained new business perspectives.

Connecting Dots

Key Offerings

  • Create, access, and update data across a diverse data tier

  • Store data across multiple clouds and on premises

  • Provide high availability and disaster recovery

  • Use data in a growing variety of apps, analytics, and algorithms

  • Ensure data privacy and security

  • Archive and destroy data in accordance with retention schedules and compliance requirements

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

  • Data Warehouse

  • Metadata management

  • Master Data Management

  • ETL and Data Modeling

  • Database Administration

  • Database Infrastructure Architecture and Deployment

  • Microsoft SQL Server Database, Reporting Service, Analytics and BI Services, Azure SQL Database,

  • Azure Cosmos DB and Azure native databases

  • Oracle Database Service, Oracle autonomous database

  • MySQL Database

  • PostgreSQL Database

  • Amazon RDS (including Amazon Aurora and Redshift)

  • Amazon DynamoDB

  • MongoDB Database

  • OBIEE, Oracle Analytical Workspace, ODI

  • COGNOS Reporting and Analytics

  • Tableau Reporting

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