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Why Choose Glitra?

Glitra Corporation specializes in Technology, IT Infrastructure, Cyber Security and Overall IT Procurement. Formed by experienced professionals, Glitra operates with clients and partners to deliver world-class solutions since 2010. We believe and rely on sustainable solutions and highest client satisfaction.

We offer our expert services whether you are about to embark on a new project or are in the midst of an ongoing assignment. Glitra can do it all, your trusted procurement vendor for both goods and services. We specialize in staff augmentation, technical resource management and technology supplies.

Glitra has proven track record of implementing Identity and Access management solutions, Database and Cyber Security for government and Fortune 500 Companies. A trusted company to safeguard your data, access and security governance.

Our end-to-end infrastructure solution and digital transformation makes the complex simple. Whether physical or virtual, we provide fast, flexible and ideal business solutions. We are one step ahead on the Cloud Solutions, BCP and IT Change management.

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