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Ensure better operational outcome with AWS technology as we enable leveraging DevSecOps expert services

Why Choose DevSecOps expert services?

DevSecOps expert services Process with GLITRA

Redefine business security levels with dedicated DevSecOps to address modern IT requirements.

Security must be continuous and integrated across the software development and infrastructure life cycle using DevSecOps as a service. A firm undergoing this change requires a shift in corporate mentality as well as the necessary tools. 

In a global marketplace, both startups and established businesses are drawn into a never-ending cycle of product development to meet consumer demand and rival pressure. Without the correct security mentality, policies, and behaviors to support the DevOps process, businesses struggle to make this transition. It diverts the attention of business or business teams away from revenue generation and toward a security framework and process overhaul for which they have very little time. 

Outsourcing DevSecOps as a service to a skilled team of cloud technology professionals can equip you with the skills necessary to integrate security rules, tools, and practices into your DevOps process. With a well-thought-out and managed strategy, your team will have the required headroom to progressively integrate DevSecOps in their daily operations without jeopardizing product development. 

Develop business-enabling continuous delivery skills through a DevSecOps maturity assessment process that includes value evaluations, benefit articulation, and tool selection. Implementation and support of integrated platform-led techniques and digitalization of Dev to Ops value streams, ranging from cloud to large-scale hybrids enterprise IT delivery that becomes a part of cohesive DevSecOps as a service.


Resilience and reliability for the cloud-native product stack, including apps to infrastructure – a mature SRE architecture enables service reliability. Teams can automate closed-loop testing and reporting procedures. As a result, it is feasible to resolve security issues without thinking about them outside instantly. 

Moving from a DevSecOps as a service methodology means you may alter your development pipeline process. more coordination between development, operations, security, and the development teams reduces the number of vulnerabilities found in the first place. 

Other benefits include improved agility and speed for the security staff and more open communication across departments. With DevOps, companies can adapt to change as well as assure quality and construct automated software.


Glitra Offerings for
DevSecOps expert services


Proactive security efforts for DevOps Security determine potential problems in integrating security processes and then tackle to secure business goals.


evelop solid protocols for collecting and preserving SBOMs, keeping them secure, and using these often.


Instead of building CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery) on top of a deployment pipeline to build the foundation and establish more robust security practices. 


Ensure you have an up-up-to-date security solution to integrate the new or current security tools with the team's existing technology.


DevSecOps implements stringent security and compliance criteria.


Accessing vulnerabilities and implementing countermeasures.

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