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Data Management and Analytics

Data, the most valuable asset of any organization and Glitra is your trusted custodian of that. We do Data Maintenance to Analysis to Decision Support - All.



Database and Services  

We can help you optimize your current systems or design and implement new solutions that scale to meet your demands.With our complete, integrated Identity Management platform, we aim to reduce client’s operational cost and secure sensitive applications and data.With our Access Management Service, our goal is to provide our clients with

  • Design, Architect and Build infrastructure for  industry leading IDM product  .

  • Strategic consulting with IDM road map for single application to enterprise 

  • Access Management: Seamless single sign-on (SSO) to any application from any device, Enterprise SSO, Federation , Multi factor Authentication , Adaptive Authentication, Authorization for both user and Application,  Multi platform SSO integration ,Standards-based identity propagation across vendors, customers, partners, and social networks

  • Identity Management : User , Groups and Credential Management, Multi domain Provisioning, 

  • Dirctory Management:  Design and Develop D tree , Structure ,

Technical Proficiency: Oracle IDM, Microsoft ADFS, OKTA, Sailpoint , Siteminder 

Past Performances: Marylad Judiciery, NYCB,, Oracle Consulting, GSA

Data Services 

Glitra  helps you understand your cybersecurity risks, develop a security plan, and supports your organization to institutionalize a cyber risk program. Our cybersecurity assessments, plans, and other solutions fit your budget – keeping you informed and well protected. Our team of cybersecurity experts bring decades of security expertise to your solution.

  • Overall Cyber Security Assessment 

  • Compliance Audit and Assessment 

  • Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment 

  • Security Governance and Cyber Surveillance  Strategy

  • Cyber Security Risk Management

  • Business continuity and Contingency Assessment and Planning 

Technical and Operational Proficiency:  BURP suite, Metasploit, NMap, Zenmap, Nessus Network scanner, Microsoft Threat Analysis and Modeling TAMv2.1.2, FTK imager, AccessTK Forensic toolkit, GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) platform, FISMA , NIST Framework .

Past Performances: Federal Communication Commission FCC, UMMS, MD Courts 

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Thinking ahead to integrate security throughout the DevOps cycles involves intelligence, situational awareness, and collaboration. Glitra adopted DevSecOps methodology and offers as a Security Service

  • Integration of  security throughout  dev processes

  • Automation of  the End to End CI/CD pipeline using a Continuous Integration server and automate the End to End CI/CD pipeline using a Continuous Integration server.

  • Perform security scanning while building different applications to check the code quality and vulnerabilities

Technical Proficiency: Google Cloud Platform GCP,Jenkins ,Kubernetes

Past Performances: Marylad Judiciery

Our Approach....

  • Discovery Session

  • Questionnaires:   Our interactive questionnaire Identify  your current system and request

  • Analysis: Our team of experts determines the gaps in your current system and your request .

  • Strategy: We develop a custom plan to fill the gaps in your organization.

  • Consultation: A consultation with our experts provides proposed high level solutions.

  • Demo/ Proof of Concept

  • Pricing 

  • Contract

  • Execution 

Ready to ride with us ?

Glitra is committed to incorporating the latest Security expertise and knowledge into our solutions and services. We will engage a discovery Session and eventually provide Demo/ Proof Of Concept (POC) free of cost.

Our expert team is standing by to hear from you .

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