Augmentation and Procurement

Glitra Corporation Our Augmentation team will identify and assess gaps in your Procurement requirements. We provide IT resource to Hardware and software supplies as we need .


Resource Management  

Technical Proficiency: Oracle IDM, Microsoft ADFS, OKTA, Sailpoint , Siteminder 

Past Performances: Marylad Judiciery, NYCB,, Oracle Consulting, GSA

IT Procurement 

Technical and Operational Proficiency:  BURP suite, Metasploit, NMap, Zenmap, Nessus Network scanner, Microsoft Threat Analysis and Modeling TAMv2.1.2, FTK imager, AccessTK Forensic toolkit, GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) platform, FISMA , NIST Framework .

Past Performances: Federal Communication Commission FCC, UMMS, MD Courts 


Technical Proficiency: Google Cloud Platform GCP,Jenkins ,Kubernetes

Past Performances: Marylad Judiciery

Our Approach....

  • Discovery Session

  • Questionnaires:   Our interactive questionnaire Identify  your current system and request

  • Analysis: Our team of experts determines the gaps in your current system and your request .

  • Strategy: We develop a custom plan to fill the gaps in your organization.

  • Consultation: A consultation with our experts provides proposed high level solutions.

  • Pricing 

  • Contract

  • Execution 

Ready to ride with us ?

Glitra is committed to incorporating the latest Security expertise and knowledge into our solutions and services. We will engage a discovery Session and eventually provide Demo/ Proof Of Concept (POC) free of cost.

Our expert team is standing by to hear from you .

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