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How We Help with DevOps Services

Our DevOps engineers incorporate DevOps processes in your organization and use modern tools that complement our frameworks. We automate your cloud infrastructure and processes while ensuring continuous delivery and continuous integration to quickly get your product to the market. 

Our Approach

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Rigorous Assessment & Planning
Automated Infrastructure Through IaC
Continuous Integration (CI)​

Continuous Deployment
Stronger Security
Resource Planning

Our Services

Assessment & Strategy Planning

  • Assess current state of DevOps processes, IT infrastructure, and application lifecycle capabilities

  • Design a roadmap for revamping practices/processes, integrating stronger security mechanisms, and building a fully automated environment

  • Identify roadblocks and suggest solutions. Select key metrics to track

Managed DevOps Services

  • Enhance processes, toolchains, and people skills for maintaining and anticipating a range of processes to improve operations

  • Govern fully the design, construction, server setup, configuration management, CI/CD, and automation

  • Implement monitoring practices, feedback practices, and troubleshooting

Framework & Tool Stack

  • Leverage our strong ecosystem of open source and proprietary tools in each step of agile development

  • Integrate these with our framework, which comes with a plugin-ready state to make a multitude of personalized integrations

  • Build a plan about leveraging sophisticated tools in consultation with our experts and key stakeholders from your team

DevOps for Accelerated Outcomes

  • Receive an end-to-end implementation of DevOps practices to accelerate product time to market

  • Break down data and communication silos for effective collaboration

  • Follow an agile DevOps methodology to expedite the development cycle and quickly incorporate feedback

Ready-To-Use Services

Our services are ready-to-use when you have an account with us. You can get started fast because there is no setup required or software installation to be done. With our DevOps services, you avoid needlessly extending your cycle times with submitting requests and so on. When you join development, your teams’ applications will be ready to use more quickly because we understand that your business success depends on your ability to innovate faster than your competitors.

Fully Managed Services

As you strive to achieve DevOps methodology, managing infrastructure becomes a fundamental building block for your enterprise. We can work with your business to utilize the cloud in improving reliability and scalability. You need not worry about installation, set up, and operations. Instead, you can focus on your core product and leave the rest to us.

Experienced Talent

Finding experienced talent could become a significant hurdle in building a DevOps team, but our experienced engineers are here to support your team from offshore or on-site location and start contributing immediately. This will change the way people work and collaborate, creating the environment for high-performing teams to develop.

Grow as You Go

Our high performing DevOps services can help your teams in establishing a growth mindset. They would be able to incorporate learning into their processes, improving constantly, increasing customer satisfaction and accelerating market adaptability. We promise to be with you in your journey of software development.

Our Unique Approach & Process

By initiating your project with Glitra, you get a dedicated and skilled team backing you up round-the-clock. All our processes are customer-oriented, designed to reduce the cost of business operations, address IT resourcing challenges, and offer you a competitive edge. We start with a deep analysis of your requirements and continue our relationship with post-launch support and updates.

The 5 Pillars of Hypermodern DevOps

Software-defined Infrastructure Automation

  • Plan for the correct amount of resources needed by auditing current skillsets and the existing infrastructure

  • Create a strategy for resource scaling while taking into account business needs and stakeholder expectations

  • Communicate plans with all stakeholders in order to achieve alignment of resources requirements with client needs


  • Continuously integrate code into the main project and run automated tests

  • Conduct exhaustive Software Configuration Management (SCM) activities to track changes and ensure immaculate version control

  • Orchestrate the automation of building and deployment of software to multiple infrastructure environments and monitor performance

Continuous Testing

  • Execute automated unit tests, regression testing, smoke testing, security testing, performance and integration testing, black/white box testing, and validation of environment configurations

  • Ensure that information is optimally passed among components within the system

  • Ensure all your code is performing at the optimal level during staging by creating the most accurate replica of the production environment

Automated Operations, Monitoring, & Logging

  • Automate IT operations tasks in the NoOps continuum for faster and frictionless software deployment

  • Track and monitor SLAs with a focus on key metrics. Use industry-validated methodologies that enable high visibility into important metrics for gaining actionable insights

  • Validate objectives set during the Assessment phase with the metrics available


  • Connect people, tools, bots, and processes within transparent workflows. Enable real-time development and tighten feedback loops

  • Remove communication barriers between the operations and the IT teams to reduce organizational friction

  • Facilitate the hyper-collaboration of teams under DevOps by leveraging the power of online chat

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